Care i Make-Up

Maskara MAX 2 GOLD

Mascara eyelash extensions and natural 8ml

Adding volume, water washable, with the content of royal jelly extracts and natural coloring. Oil-free.

Safe to use on both the natural lashes and lengthened lashes.

It does not cause damage to the adhesive bond of eyelash.

Easily removed without the use of detergent.

Recommended for resale to customers.


Eyelash remover pads

Eyelash remover pads are soaked with fluid make-up remover. They have been developed and tested specifically for application eyelashes extensions. They do not affect the bond strength of glues, allowing for safe and effective washing makeup without harming the lashes. Pads make-up remover are completely devoid of oil, which could damage or even completely dissolve the bond between eyelash natural and synthetic.

Very well moisturize the skin while removing make-up. Gently and thoroughly removes makeup, smoothing and soothing acting on the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth.

Bardzo dobrze nawilżają skórę podczas demakijażu. Delikatnie i całkowicie usuwają makijaż, wygładzając i działając kojąco na delikatną skórę wokół oczu i ust.


Macy eyelash essence

Eyelash essence 15ml natural Macy’s

Apply to clean lashes with makeup, once a day.