Loose lashes – Types

Silk Lashes Standard

Silk eyelashes, portioned, packaging 0.25 g

Eyelashes are made of high quality materials, they are very nicely sculpted and tapered towards the ends like natural lashes.

High quality material of which they are made is very flexible. They have a glossy black color.

With different thicknesses available upon application we can mix them. By this way we get a beautiful natural result.

– Color: glossy black
– A package – 0.25 g
– The degree of bending: C
– Material: silk-doped synthetic


Premium Lashes

Premium quality silk lashes. NEW!

NOTE! PREMIUM LASHES turn C are strongly curled.

Excellent quality, deep black, shiny, definitely stand out from the rest of the lashes on the market.

Very light, soft, resistant to pressure, in order not to deform the eye.

Do not react to high temperatures – not straighten up.

Thanks to a special, minimal and delicate treatment – you will no longer encounter the problem of ‘sliding’ eyelashes. They create a better bond with the natural eyelash.

Eyelashes are selected and packed by hand! Thus in the package there are no different sizes or lengths.
The length of the lashes perfectly coincide with millimeter scales.

Premium Eyelashes are available in most turns B and C and thicknesses of 0.15 and 0.20.


Eyelashes with zircons

Eyelashes with zircon Swarovski SS6. Color: crystal ab Specification: C 0.20 11mm


Synthentic Mink lashes

Mink lashes – on size, degree of overclocking and lenght on the tray.

Color: glossy black
one tray contain 16 rows
so-called synthetic mink

By placing lashes on the palette, they are convenient to use and store.
You can easily apply them straight from the paddle.
Synthetic Mink eyelashes are darker, thicker and have more shine.


Real Fur – natural Lashes

Real Fur – natural Siberian mink eyelashes, 100%!

Eyelashes are made ​​by hand. They are hypoallergenic.

Mink eyelashes are the most delicate and lightest lashes on the market! They do not cause overload on natural lashes which has a significant impact on the stability of the procedure and extremely enjoyable use of eyelashes.

Their shape – double cut – allows for a perfect connecting to a natural eyelash.

They do not burden natural lashes, and regrowth between natural and artificial lashes is not visible at all!

Their unique softness does not burden the eye and eyelashes persist for several months.

The thickness of eyelashes mink is about 0.07mm
Mink eyelashes are ideal for applications using 2:1 and 1:1.

All of our products, including mink eyelashes have the authentication holograms, which give you a guarantee of the product was tested and came straight from our company with the best quality.


Silk Premium

PREMIUM eyelashes.

Created for high volume method.

Troy contains 16 rows of black lashes.

Lashes are very soft and light.

Color is live, shiny and llashes are quite curly.

Lashes do not create ‘fake effect’.