How to choose lashes

Eyelashes should be properly matched to the client’s beauty and her expectations – our eyelashes are of varying degrees of curling, thickness and length. Additionally, you can choose from silk eyelashes, synthetic or made ​​from fur of the Siberian mink.

Types of lashes

Eyelashes from fur of the Siberian mink (REAL FUR)

Natural product derived from mink fur. Characterized by a constant thickness and different length. Mink eyelashes are the most delicate and lightest lashes on the market. They do not cause natural lashes load, which has a significant impact on the stability of the procedure and extremely enjoyable use of eyelashes. Their shape (double cut) allows for a perfect connecting to a natural eyelash – does not burden it, and regrowth between natural and false eyelash is not at all visible.

Silk eyelashes (SILK)

Eyelashes made of silk with a touch of high quality synthetic fiber. Perfectly mimic the natural lashes, and thanks to the anatomical profile perfectly adapt to them. The material from which eyelashes are made is characterized by unique flexibility and resistance to deformation.

Synthetic eyelashes (MINK)

So-called synthetic mink – are darker, thicker and have more shine than those made ​​from fur of the Siberian mink.



straight lashes, slightly curled

naturally curled

natural look, coquettishly curled

curled to maximum

the eyes deep-set, with heavily falling or people wearing eye glasses